12. September 2016

Daniel Stoll contributed to the 3rd edition of the Orell Füssli Commentary of the Code of Obligations, released beginning of September 2016

As per the beginning of September 2016 Orell Füssli, the publishing house, released its comprehensive commentary of the Swiss Cde of Obligations [ISBN 978-3-280-07324-7].
The commentary is co-authored by Daniel Stoll who contributed a section to the securties law. This yet 3rd edition of the commentary provides for a concise (2827 pages) and up to date overview of the Code of Obligations highlighting landmark cases and important
scholar opinions. It takes into account many recent revisions of the law, among them in particular changes in the law of contracts (cancellations, time bar rules etc.), company law (new audit rules), capital market regulations (GAFI). – Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte is pleased that once more one of its attorneys contributed his know-how to a widely used and recognised working tool of lawyers and other legal practioners.