9. August 2020

Victory before the Supreme Court – Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte successfully represents a leading Swiss energy company before the Supreme Court

Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte represents a leading Swiss energy company in a major criminal and civil case involving commercial fraud. The perpetrators, among them a former employee of the energy company, had channeled millions out of the energy company with fictitious invoices. The Swiss Federal Supreme Court recently ruled in favour of the energy company. According to the Supreme Court, the trustee acting as money launderer is also liable under civil law. Using several inactive domiciliary companies, he had passed on the criminally obtained assets to the main perpetrators. The Supreme Court held that the money launderer is jointly liable for the damage caused by the preceding offence to the extent the confiscation of assets was prevented by the money laundering. The Supreme Court thus corrected the decision of the Cantonal Court of the Grisons, which considered the money launderer to be only subsidiarily liable for the default damage (BGer. 6B_1202/2019 of 9 July 2020)

Read the whole decision: https://www.bger.ch/ext/eurospider/live/de/php/aza/http/index.php?highlight_docid=aza%3A%2F%2Faza://09-07-2020-6B_1202-2019&lang=de&zoom=&type=show_document

The energy company was represented before the Supreme Court by Daniel Stoll and Simon Hohler