21. January 2019

Michael Bösch and Patrick Rohn contribute the Swiss Chapter in the GAR Guide to M&A Arbitration

The Guide to M&A Arbitration, published by Global Arbitration Review (GAR), is a new, practical guide intended to provide guidance on what merger parties should think about as M&A disputes are often unique in their hostility and complexity. According to GAR the guide “pools the wisdom of specialists who describe how to prevent these disputes arising and how best to resolve them when they do.

The guide is structured in two sections. Part I consists of 10 chapters on planning and procedural issues, covering everything from drafting clauses to how to structure contracts to minimise the potential for disputes. Part II offers a geographical survey of important differences in national laws that may affect the outcome of a dispute, written by 39 specialists from a variety of backgrounds and takes a practical approach throughout.

Michael Bösch and Patrick contributed the Swiss chapter in this first edition of the guide.

The Swiss chapter can be downloaded for free: GAR-Guide-to-MA-Arbitration-Switzerland.pdf (pdf 131 KB)