19. September 2018

Daniel Stoll publishes in the Schweizerischen Juristen-Zeitung (SJZ)

In the September 2018 edition of the Schweizerische Juristenzeitung (SJZ), a leading Swiss legal publication, Dr. Daniel Stoll contributes the article “Missbrauch von Bankvollmachten – Geschädigte aus zivil- und strafrechtlicher Perspektive” (Misuse of Banking Proxies – Aggrieved Parties from a Civil and Criminal Law Perspective). The analysis addresses the question who is considered an aggrieved party in the event of misuse of banking proxies from both, civil law and penal law perspective. The answer to this question is relevant when it comes to get access to the records of the pending penal proceeding. Access to these records is essential to prepare and conduct the civil proceedings. As it often takes very long until it becomes clear who ultimately will have to bear the losses, Daniel Stoll pleads for extensive access rights of banks to the records the respective penal proceeding.

Read the full article (in German) at:Artikel-Daniel-Stoll-SJZ-Heft-18.pdf (pdf 708 KB)